SPREAD THIS: ISIS Terrorists Have Sick New Plan For “Infidel” Christians

If your liberal friends call you “Islamophobic” for condemning terrorists, tell them this story. We have good reason to be “phobic” of the barbaric violence Islamists encourage!

ISIS is now teaching its members to cannibalize all non-Muslims! That’s right: terrorist fighters are now EATING their enemies, via Daily Mail.

A British think tank, whose goal is to counter Muslim extremists, recently found an ISIS handbook revealing this grotesque new method for dealing with “infidels.”

The handbook went so far as to include which parts of the human body are best for eating — as well as how to properly prepare them for consumption!

In a disgusting account within the manual, it’s described how an infidel mother was fed the cooked corpse of her own son and was told that it was “meat and rice.”

The Quilliam Foundation’s chief executive, Haras Rafiq, was the first to receive notice that cannibalism is now a standard part of ISIS training. Although Rafiq is a practicing Muslim himself, he said that the practice of cannibalism was “revolting” and was absolutely horrified that ANY Muslim, even a terrorist, would consider it acceptable behavior.

Rafiq went on to say that although these training practices are “not mainstream” yet throughout ISIS, they are “quickly gaining traction,” via The Sun.

 The practice of cannibalizing enemies is being taught to ISIS soldiers as a way of staying alive, even when food supplies are low. They’re being told that eating the flesh of a non-Muslim is a perfectly acceptable means of sustenance, and that even eating a fellow Muslim — if he or she does not fully conform to ISIS’ view of Islam — is allowed.

These same handbooks that endorse the consumption of human flesh also detail how to train children to be suicide bombers.

These children, or “cubs” as they’re called, are taught Arabic phrases, such as “The jihadist detonated himself for Allah.” Their indoctrination into radicalism starts as young as ISIS can get them, and it is absolutely relentless. Many of these children carry guns taller than they are!

Since these are people who have no problem sending their own children to their doom, we really shouldn’t be surprised that cannibalism is now an accepted practice. These terrorists have lost all touch with reality and really will stop at NOTHING to wipe all non-Muslims from the face of the earth.

With ISIS training camps now popping up in Mexico and South America, it’s more important than ever that President Trump hurry up and build the wall. We cannot afford to let ANY of these terrorist cannibals slip into OUR country!

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