OMG! Trump Supporters Get JUMPED At A California Rally, What Happened Next Was UNBELIEVABLE!

A pro Trump rally in Huntington Beach turned violent when liberal protesters crashed the event.

1,000 Trump supporters took part in a “Make America Great Again” March to show their support for our president. Everything was peaceful until a group of around 40 protesters decided to start trouble. Dressed in black from head to toe, anti-Trump rioters started to attack.


Liberal protesters began pepper spraying Trump supporters, but they quickly regretted that decision.  United together, the Trump supporters stood their ground!

The liberal protesters tried to play the victims claiming that they were just “defending themselves”.

“People started punching and tackling our side and one of them (the protesters) pepper sprayed in defense,” said Jordan Hoiberg from Newport Beach, a member of Socialist Party USA. “I tried to break everyone up but I had to run away to protect myself.”

(Apparently, there were no safe spaces close by.)

The organizers of the MAGA march said they were hoping for peace. The event was a kid-friendly family-oriented event until the rioters showed up.

“I’m not just here in support of Trump, but our vets, military, police officers and emergency responders,” said Darlene Savord of Tustin, one of the organizers.

A liberal tweeted about the event and in the video, you can see the protesters wearing communist propaganda and hiding their faces….

It’s clear that American have had enough and we are not going to hide our feelings any longer. Our president and our country is worth fighting for and we will be damned if we are going to run and hide from a bunch of masked snowflakes!

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